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Pioneers of ship-based expeditions, inventors of Basecamp Antarctica, and the first company to take travelers to the remote Arctic island of Spitsbergen. With our own fleet of ice-strengthened vessels, we get you deep into the heart of this otherworldly environment so it can get deep into yours.

North Norway, Aurora Borealis

The Northern Norway coastline is renowned for its beauty, a forested terrain contoured with rugged mountains and vast fjords that has twice been voted the best travel destination in the world by National Geographic. And it’s not just during the summer months that Norway shows off its splendors, but the winter as well: The mountains are capped with snow, the sun hangs heavy on the skyline, and everything is embraced in a lustrous coat of frost.

10 good reasons for traveling with Oceanwide Expeditions to North Norway


  1. Destination Norway – Tromsø the gateway to the Arctic (good  flight connections)

  2. Spectacular scenery: stunning fjords surrounded by snow caped mountains , picturesque fishing villages & Northern Lights

  3. Arctic spring - perfect season for kayaking and hiking (days are longer)

  4. Attractive route through sheltered fjords and narrow waterways; overnights alongside piers in small harbors and anchorages off the beaten track

  5. The mother vessel Rembrandt van Rijn is our hub for activities. She is our comfortable, floating base camp and  the only means of transport in this inaccessible region

  6. Sail to the remote islands, shore lines and lonely fjords, which cannot be reached by road

  7. Chance to use industry leading equipment on RVR13-20 & RVR14-20, i.e. TRAK touring kayaks

  8. Participate in twin activity concept on RVR10-20, RVR11-20, RVR12-20, RVR13-20 & RVR14-20: kayaking and hiking (snowshoes available on board)

  9. Meet expert resident guides who will lead and help to progress skills

  10. Be part of a small and exquisite group of adventurers

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